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The ARP Sport is a tool that allows us to communicate necessary information to the brain accurately, rapidly and efficiently via the nervous system. This needed information tells us how to respond to a stimulus. What the heck does that mean? Why should you be excited? The nervous system allows for communication to and feedback from all areas of the body. Why is this important? All aspects of human life are controlled using this communication system. Now the exciting part! You, with proper implementation of this system, have a way to develop, enhance and take full advantage of this neglected area.

Have you ever sat back, and wondered why, with all the attention paid to your nutritional intake, the three to five visits to the gym each week, the miles you put on your bicycle etc., you don’t achieve the results that are in line with your efforts? Well, the answer is that the proper communication to and from all areas of your body is under construction. There are too many detours and roadblocks. You are about to embark upon a system of protocols that will complete the construction and eliminate the detours within your body. Thus, your body accepts the smooth, efficient travel of this information providing for the precise action in order to create the desired effect. This system elicits the duplicable distribution of information at high velocity allowing for results to be attained up to 60% faster than the typical time it takes employing traditional/conventional training.

The first month of your year long training process will serve as the construction crew, repairing all the potholes in your neurological highway. Each month thereafter, you choose which protocol plan you wish to implement based on your desired goals at that time. As we are all aware, life can change rapidly. This system allows for these changes, while providing you the opportunity to achieve the end result a higher quality of life.

There are many levels of support to help you along this journey, as well as opportunities to take your training to elite levels. You CAN be the best in the world! Think it can be available! We have the only high-speed way to communicate with the brain to stimulate the proper response. Welcome again, to the world of the ARP Sport System of preparing for a healthier, injury resistant, high performance lifestyle.

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