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Our People


Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Natureorthopathy Doctor registered and certified NHP & HNP from Indiana, USA. Boaz gained his expertise in ARP Way from ARP Wave, the co-founder of ARP. A unique and the only Bio System medical device of its kind in the world that not only finds and treats the source / origin (neurologically) to any pain (end symptom, physically) but also eliminates pain thus, avoiding unnecessary surgery as well as time to recovery is faster. Boaz helped many patients who could not recover and/or whom practitioners could not help, to recover from sport injuries, work injury, car accident, CMT disease, neuropathy, etc. As a value added technology to ARP Way, Boaz introduced an advanced neuropathy medical device, the Synaptic 4000 Pro, known as Neurogenx. This medical device treats advanced chronic nerve condition. Today, there are only few nerve centers in the world that use this latest neuropathy technology with overwhelming success. In addition, Boaz has vast experience and management in the IT and Electrical industry.


Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Twin-Brother of Boaz, Eli is a professional and licensed nurse with experience in the neurology, acute and trauma care in clinical settings and large hospital environment. Service-oriented with organized and proactive nature. Proficient in handling emergency situations and managing clinical staff. Likewise, Eli has vast years of experience and management from the electrical engineering industry.

What is ARP Modality?

The ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) modality is a combination of a proprietary electrical device and carefully designed protocols which target injury at the source, eliminate inflammation and dramatically accelerate the recovery of all soft tissue injury often eliminating the need for surgery. ARP specialized in preventing the majority of orthopedic surgeries especially joint replacement surgeries, and if, surgery is needed than, we will dramatically speed-up the recovery time.


  • Arthritis & MS
    Although Arthritis and MS are issues embedded inside the human body bones the ARP can ‎alleviate the pain ‎
    associated with bone pain thus improving the quality of life. The ARP does not work on ‎the bone to
    differentiate from working on the neurologic and muscles system only. ‎
  • ACL Tear, Knee, Hip, TMJ
  • Carpal Tunnel (i.e. wrist, elbow, Shoulder)‎
  • Lower Back, Upper Back
  • Stroke
  • Neurology Disease (CMT, Drop Foot)‎
  • Sciatica Nerve Injury
  • Auto Accident Recovery
  • Work & Sport Related Injury
  • Swelling, atrophy
  • Concussion Recovery
  • Multiple Sclerosis Suffering
  • Increase Physical Performance
  • Bone on Bone
  • Paraplegics (in USA, ARP has 40 % success helping people on wheelchair to walk again ‎after 20+ years) ‎
  • ARP modality helps Dogs and Horses to recover from muscle injuries


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